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Chest Freezer Organization

Our Freezers can become a dark black hole where things go and and never come out. Here is a quick list of ideas to help you reverse that effect.

Everything has access from the top. Make sure you can see and access everything you have in your freezer without digging. The more you stack things on top of each other the easier it is to lose things and forget about them.

Containment. Use cardboard boxes, reusable shopping bags, or build something more permanent out of plywood (for example see our Youtube Video).

Fewer unique items. The more different types of food you have in your freezer the more difficult it is to find things. Try to reduce the number of different items you use. Create a list of food you always keep in your freezer using our template or use your own system. Take a look at our list to get you started.

Rotate food. Make sure you put new food on the bottom. This makes sure the older food is used first so that you don’t have any spoilage that you have to throw away.

Repackage food (when it makes sense). For example we buy hamburger in larger packages than what we would use in a meal, so we repackage it into smaller ziplock bags for the freezer.

Label and Date. Many things that you put into your freezer will already have labels on the package to tell you what kind of food it is and expiry dates as well. But home made and repackaged food may need labels and dates added so that you can easily find it and so you know how old it is.

Label freezer sections. This tells your kids where to place things when they are putting them in the freezer as well as when they are getting them.

Regularly review every 6 months (or to get started in the first place).

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  • Go to your freezer and take everything out. And I mean everything, this is also a good time to let it defrost a bit and vacuum it out. I know there are crumbs and other stuff in the bottom, mine has that junk too.
  • Now look at what is there. What are the things you thought you would use and haven’t? What are the things you didn’t even know you had? Make a list of them so you can plan to use them up over the next few weeks. You can use our handy template or use another system if you want. Do this with your deep freeze as well as your fridge freezer. I guarantee you’ll find something you totally forgot about (mine was Tilapia).

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Kelli & Nathan

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